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Murdo Macdonald

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"However self-sufficient a man may imagine himself to be, in his more serious moments he secretly longs for spiritual reinforcement."
 Murdo Macdonald

"Man can descend to abysmal depths of cruelty, sadism and sinister conduct but like the prodigal in the far country he is not inevitably lost."
 Murdo Macdonald

"Christianity is the religion, not of a book but of a Person."
 Murdo Macdonald

"There are those who assure us that they can be religious without believing in God, and Christians without accepting one single doctrine of the Christian faith."
 Murdo Macdonald

"The Church is confronted with the task of proclaiming the gospel to a generation which has an insatiable appetite for believing the wrong things."
 Murdo Macdonald

"What we are in the long run is determined by what we believe."
 Murdo Macdonald

"There are many modern thinkers who regard faith as an outmoded mediaeval legacy, or a pious Victorian anachronism which has ceased to command the allegiance of intelligent people."
 Murdo Macdonald

"At the moment the Church has not even begun to grasp its frightening potentiality for good and evil."
 Murdo Macdonald

"Gambling is based on the assumption that if a man perseveres long enough his luck is bound to turn."
 Murdo Macdonald

"A beast can never be as cruel as a man: The tiger only tears and gnaws - that is all he can do."
 Murdo Macdonald

"Science, far from diminishing the mysteries of the Universe, has in actual fact increased them."
 Murdo Macdonald

"God is pushed out to the very circumference of things and is only called upon when the clockwork of normal events does not function."
 Murdo Macdonald

"No man is happy in the belief that life is at the mercy of blind chance."
 Murdo Macdonald

"Science can never disprove God."
 Murdo Macdonald

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