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Frequently asked questions

What is EdnaQuotes?
Ednaquotes is a website that has a listing of quotes that I hope are interesting and useful. I like to collect quotes.

How does the search work?
Currently the search is just a simple text string search applied to both the text field and the author field. So searching for 'red' will return all quotes that include text like 'cared' and also all quotes by Fred Astaire.

Why not add more tags?
That will happen over time. If you have ideas for category tags you think should be added, then please do e-mail me and let me know.

What about copyright?
It is my hope and understanding that all the quotes listed here are outside of copyright, and are in the public domain. If you believe otherwise then please do contact me and let me know.

What if I know how to improve this site and make it better?
Just email me your ideas - that's great, thanks.

Can I send you some quotes to include on the site?
Yes, just email them in to me here at edna@ednaquotes.co.uk

Who are you, and why are you doing this?
My name is Edna, I am retired, I live in West Yorkshire in the UK, and I like quotes. My main reason for setting up this website was to raise money for St Andrew's Methodist Church, Cowling. If you find this website useful, then please do consider making a small donation. Thanks.

Can I make a donation?
Yes, I have a Paypal account set up for donations. All money donated goes to St Andrew's Methodist Church, Cowling. Thank you.





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